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RCM has a great advantage over the competition by developing our own planning software. Below are the details regarding one of the major advances in technology RCM has achieved:
LittlePlanner: Big tasks, Less Time, Greater Results
Big Tasks:
Turnarounds are scheduled events wherein an entire process unit of an industrial plant is shutdown for an extended period for repairs or revamping. Turnarounds are expensive - both in terms of opportunity costs when a unit is shutdown and in terms of direct costs for the labor, tools, heavy equipment and materials used to complete the project. They are the most significant portion of a plant's yearly maintenance budget and can dramatically affect the company's revenues or profits if mismanaged. Understanding the magnitude of a turnaround, RCM designed software to surpass your company's expectations.
Less Time:
Turnarounds are an unavoidable task for every company. When your unit is shut down, your productivity is shut down. LittlePlanner has the ability to compile jobs, equipment information, and activities in a matter of seconds versus the months it would take without us. Thus, it speeds up the process of turnaround management and will allow your company to continue generating revenues.
Greater Results:
After LittlePlanner and our team have finished with your turnaround, your company will understand the impact of RCM. The abilities of our software surpasses that of any other and allow your company to begin running at full productivity in less time and effort.
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