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Welcome to the Reliable Custom Management service information page. We are premier providers of Turnaround Management and other Time-Critical Project Management Services. Our goal is to provide you the very best in Project Manpower & Cost Management.
Below is a short list of the services we offer:
Turnaround Management - Complete:
We supply a complete team of managers, planners, schedulers, and TAR Coordinators (along with our cutting-edge software package), to plan the turnaround, issue bid packages, select contractors, create and maintain a comprehensive Primavera schedule, purchase materials, issue materials, manage contractors, and forecast & control costs.
Turnaround Management Consulting:
We send our top managers to direct and mentor your planning and management team all the way through the execution phase.
Small, Mid, Large Project Management:
We can provide any and all craft required to perform the planning, scheduling, and execution management for any size project. Of course, the best results can be seen when you allow us to bring our full team on site, software included, and plan & manage your project from start to finish.
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling:
Put us on a long-term contract to perform your maintenance planning and you'll reap the full benefit of our software package.
Startup Engineering:
We can supply your startup with a comprehensive team of the best DCS engineers, mechanical/electrical/instrument startup engineers, and startup manager at competitive rates.
Control Logic Assembly:
We can provide professionals to create your control logic in the DCS or PLC of your choice. Supply us a functional description, SAMA drawing, or just a person who knows how it is supposed to work. We will provide you with safe, secure, best practice control logic fully implemented and tested.
Control Logic Review:
We can send a professional to your site, to review the control logic against your SAMA drawing or functional logic. We will review the logic and provide you with a full report detailing deviations from best practice, missing logic, ineffective logic, and many other points of analysis. We will score your logic for readiness, and assist you and your contractor in resolving deficiencies.
SAMA Drawing Creation or Update:
Our experienced engineers can travel to your site and go over your DCS/PLC logic with a fine-toothed comb. We will update your outdated SAMA drawings or create a complete set of SAMA drawings that accurately represent the logic running in your controller.
For more information or to schedule a meeting, consultation, or personal interview,
please contact us via our contact page.
We look forward to serving you.

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