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What We Believe

RCM believes that over the past decade the world has fundamentally changed; that companies have become more intricate and are now best understood and managed as complex systems. Many firms have not recognized this change and continue to pursue an outdated model that does not efficiently, nor effectively, provide the tools required to be successful. By staying with traditional firms, companies are choosing to forgo the new perspectives, skill sets, and capabilities that are crucial to achieve a more cost efficient and easy turnaround. While other firms are ill-suited to adjust, RCM is here to be the catalyst to maximize your company's potential.

What We Do

From the boardroom to the field, we connect the dots in your business. We help our customers attack systemic, deep-rooted issues that have critical strategic and operational impact. We help you to develop the structural knowledge necessary to create complete solutions that result in actual change. Our customers tell us that while traditional management and consulting firms tell them what to do, we are different in that we also show them how to do it and provide the software to support their needs. We get things done, and leave our customers stronger than they were before.

How We Work

We recognize that it is our privilege to help our customers with their toughest issues, and this is reflected in how we work. We work in partnership with our customers and approach our work with humility, authenticity, and personality. We are confident in our capabilities and comfortable in our own skin. We take ownership of our customers' issues as our own and are disciplined in how we work. We relish tough challenges and have been trained in high-pressure situations. We know there are not always easy solutions.

Who We Are

We are leaders who aspire to bold solutions against difficult challenges. We have the determined mindset for seeking out fresh ideas that work. While other consulting firms seek people of a particular mold, we deliberately focus on building a diversity of talent and experience in order to tackle the complex issues facing companies today. We bring together top performers and an abundance of experience that can help you solve your most challenging problems. RCM is the solution you are looking for.

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